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STYRO Special Packaging

STYRO Special Packaging

STYRO team is well aware that all packaging requirements are not similar and need less to be fit within the standard range of packaging. STYRO can provide solutions and technical support for special types of packaging. We offer custom packaging requirements to pack fragile, items, glass wares, electronic peripherals, and special instruments or tools on quality materials at a very reasonable price. In accordance with your specifications, thoughts, ideas and contents, we will produce custom packaging boxes.

Applications of STYRO Special Packaging:

• Made to order basis
• Customized packaging
• Custom cut boxes
• Custom shaped boxes

Benefits of STYRO Special Packaging:

• Can be customized to any size as per customer’s request
• Protects fragile items from shocks, vibrations and breakage
• Light-weight, therefore, it reduces freight and shipping costs
• Fast to product due to advanced CNC cutting technology
• Recyclable / reusable